Saturday, 27 August 2011

new weekly posting

Hi Guys
I am hoping to post weekly an opinion or view of something that grinds my gears or it may simply be a piece of prose or song lyrics that I feel embody the spirit of mixed media/altered art
It must therefore be stressed that these are solely my opinions and do not reflect the views of  any person or body of people of which I am an associate

Which brings us to my first "Random Rambling"

Random Rambling #1:-

Why do people ask you for your opinion when you know that there complete disregard is a pre-requisite
Is it that they are hoping that you'll agree with their views , or is it their get out of jail card if it all goes pear shaped ?? My random rambling is based soley on personal experience and would be interested on your opinion ( which i'll disregard of course) lol

regards K

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