Tuesday, 6 December 2011

merry christmas everyone

Now I know its a little early, but if I don't do it while I think about it, I'll never do it. So happy birthday to everybody
Lets all have a good new year

Monday, 12 September 2011

Random Ramblings #2

Hi Guys,
             Is it just me or do you find all people who talk in jargon patronising well maybe not all but most .I tend to think that these people although very knowledgeable in their chosen field are a bit limited in there people skills ( or maybe its a superioraty complex ) and so therefore have to retreat into something they feel comfort in, id be interested in your views
so until we next facilitate an interface i'll pre-determine the dynamics of our conflab for a mix -combination of pre-disposed parameters.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

new weekly posting

Hi Guys
I am hoping to post weekly an opinion or view of something that grinds my gears or it may simply be a piece of prose or song lyrics that I feel embody the spirit of mixed media/altered art
It must therefore be stressed that these are solely my opinions and do not reflect the views of  any person or body of people of which I am an associate

Which brings us to my first "Random Rambling"

Random Rambling #1:-

Why do people ask you for your opinion when you know that there complete disregard is a pre-requisite
Is it that they are hoping that you'll agree with their views , or is it their get out of jail card if it all goes pear shaped ?? My random rambling is based soley on personal experience and would be interested on your opinion ( which i'll disregard of course) lol

regards K


Hi Guys,
              Don't forget this technique can be used to make a great faux frosted glass

web embossing powder technique tips

Hi Guys ,
            I know webbing technique looks real the  easy when you see it demonstrated  but it took me a while to master it there are two ways to do it

1, build your sandwich as follows applying gentle heat between layers


then apply the heat to small areas at a time to melt the powder and burn away the web

too much heat and your powder will turn to liquid and go completely flat losing all dimension

2,   melt the powder completely between layers this technique is better if you are using multi -coloured layers

hope this helps i will try and get some step by step pictures done or maybe even a you tube stream for you ( yeah right )

regards K

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

embossing powder techniques

Hi Guys,
             I am currently experimenting with techniques using embossing powder and wondered if anybody had any
techniques that are a bit different????

Reams demo Friday 15th of July

If anyone is interested I'm in Derby on Friday demonstrating at Reams come along we usually have a really good day